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My Saturday mornings, unless there is a funeral or wedding scheduled that day, have a pretty regular routine. I wake up later than usual, sort laundry, make my way downstairs with a load of dirty clothes and put them in the washer. Then I get the paper left by the delivery service in the parking lot and read the paper while having a simple, unrushed breakfast. The comics are always the first thing I read. But then on Saturdays, the St. Louis Post Dispatch runs a religious news page which I would read before anything else. Until recently it was written by a fine religion reporter, Tim Townsend. Mr. Townsend is on a leave of absence at the present time to write a book, so the newspaper has been running selected excerpts from its on-line religion blog page, Civil Religion, written by various bloggers that were invited by Townsend to write for the site. I almost always find something to muse on in what’s shared. Occasionally, the day’s blog gives me an idea for my homily for the weekend. This morning an article by the Rev. Pamela Dolan, an Episcopalian priest resonated with my own thoughts about praying, especially in the aftermath of natural disasters like the tornado that destroyed large parts of Joplin, MO. Perhaps Rev. Dolan’s thoughts will resonate with you, too.
Praying at the edge of the grave
by The Rev. Pamela Dolan

While I was checking out the Civil Religion site I also noticed the following blog on the same topic that I also recommend.
Prayers shape the heart’s response to tragedy by the Rev. Christopher Keating, a Presbyterian minister.

Let us pray for one another!

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