Let us talk of youth, pontiffs and World Youth Day

Click on the link below to be taken to an opinion column by Colleen Campbell that I found to be a good read over my breakfast cereal a day or two ago. The columnist has a regular opinion column in the editorial pages of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. I always find her writing to be thoughtful and a well presented exposition of Catholic thought. This particular column is about World Youth Day recently held in Spain and the secular press’ inability to understand why young folks flock to the periodic event. Could it be, as St. Augustine once preached, that the human heart is restless until it rests in God? Youth are looking for meaning, purpose and truth; not the fluff they find in media and our culture. What a treasure the church has to offer!

Colleen Carroll Campbell: A new kind of rebel

You may also want to investigate some of the talks Pope Benedict XVI gave during his visit to WYD at the Vatican’s website.
Apostolic Journey to Madrid, Spain on the occasion of the 26th World Youth Day

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