I Don’t Think This Was in My Ordo

The “Ordo” is a little book that you’ll find in almost every church sacristy. It is a reference book that lists the “order” of the liturgy for each day of the year. Often the Ordo also contains a list of the priests of a diocese who died on each day (necrology). It will tell those who consult the book who the Saint of the day is and what prayers and readings to use that day at Mass and at the Liturgy of the Hours. It may also mention significant events that took place on that day, give you a short biography of the saint of the day.

So, I was a little surprised this evening when checking on one of my favorite blogs, Whispers in the Logia, that October 11, 2011 was the 49th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and had also been designated by Pope John Paul II to be the feast day for commemorating Blessed Pope John XXIII. The Ordo in our sacristy had nothing about this significant anniversary. Odd, I’m thinking, that such a momentous occasion in the life of the church was not mentioned. I think I know why the memorial of Blessed John XXIII was not mentioned, though. The feast days of “Blesseds” are not usually celebrated in the Liturgy of the Church except in a location or country where the person on the way to sainthood lived. So, John XXIII would not be in a U.S. Ordo, at least not until he’s named a saint. A person named “Blessed” by the Catholic Church is one step away from Sainthood, needing one more miracle performed through his or her intercession to be verified.

The author of Whispers in the Logia, Roco Palmo, embedded an informative video about Blessed John XXIII in the posting for today “For the Council, The 50th Year“, produced by the Catholic Media Ministry Salt + Light. I recommend viewing the video Pope John XXIII – Reflection that was embedded (either by clicking on the video at Whispers In the Loggia or by using the link I’ve supplied), especially if you’re not old enough to remember the Second Vatican Council unlike this blog author.

Blessed Pope John XXIII

Blessed John XXIII, pray for us. Help us continue the work of Vatican II.


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