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Our parish is in the midst of starting a “strategic planning process” in conjunction with the development of a pastoral plan for the Diocese of Belleville that all parishes have been participating in since last autumn. As I was attempting to discern how to proceed with the planning process at our parish pastoral council meeting next week, I was reading during my lunch break, a column on the religion page of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. There are a couple of the regular contributors to the page that I often find myself nodding my head in agreement with. This Saturday’s post by the Rev. Pamela Dolan is one such article. I think I’ll share her thoughts with my pastoral council in preparation for our next meeting, just as a reminder that parishes do not exist to ensure their own viability, but for mission. Maybe all of our parishes in Southern Illinois should read her blog entry entitled “The Rewards of Casting a Wide Net”

Thanks, Rev. Dolan for reminding us why we have “church,” to carry on the mission and ministry of Christ as the Body of Christ.

Guess I better get that agenda for the meeting finished, now! I’ve got the inspirational part to share with the folks.

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