Early Lent Links

Allow me to humbly suggest the two links below for quick reflections on the events of the first few days of Lent, Ash Wednesday and First Sunday of Lent, the assigned day for the Rite of Election in the Church’s liturgical life.

Newly elevated Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York City (whose home town is St. Louis, MO, just a short drive from my home) did a quick video for AOL’s “You’ve Got…” series about the meaning of Lent on Ash Wednesday, last week. Here’s the link to click: You’ve Got Ash Wednesday. Sorry, you’ll probably have to view a commercial, first, since I’m not a “pro” member of this blog hosting service and can’t embed the video in my blog.

One of my favorite rites of the Church is the Rite of Election that takes place in most dioceses on the First Sunday of Lent. I was among the small group of laity and clergy who got this rite organized for its first celebration in the Diocese of Belleville back in the 1980’s (1983?) This is a wonderful sign of hope and celebration of the local church. Roco Palmo, the twenty something author of the blog Whispers in the Logia, writes a nice article about the Rite while reminding us in the church that we have a serious problem with retention of the “life long” Catholics among us. Here’s the link: Forget the Primaries and Oscars — In the Church, It’s “Election Day.”

How’s your Lent going? I’m still trying to get up to speed, to tell the truth.
May you have a blessed one!

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