Etch-A-Sketch and Lent

Here’s one for the I wish I would have thought of that file…

I recommend this blog entry for your reading. The author, the Rev. Christopher Keating, a Presbyterian pastor,  pulls together some recent political news  and the Season of Lent (God forbid you change your position in Politics verses the expectation to admit you were wrong and change your ways in your spiritual life!).

Check out Starting over with an Etch a Sketch at the Civil Religion Blog site of the St. Louis Post Dispatch website.

I’ve been taking a slightly different approach to preaching the series of readings assigned to the current cycle of readings, which is the same as the Rev. Keating refers to, preaching about the history of the convenential relationship of God and humanity that reaches its perfection in Jesus. But, I like his idea of God giving us the chance to start over again and again, too. Such is the beauty of the Scriptures – so many ways to get to explore how to preach the eternal truth of God’s love for humanity, his unwillingness to give up on us.

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