Another Purification of the BVM

The official name of my parish is The Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church. The official feast day is February 2, which is celebrated as The Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Jewish women were “purified” at the time of the presentation of the first-born. Above the main door of our parish church is a mosaic depicting the presentation/purification.

Mosaic above the main doors of St. Mary Parish, Trenton. Presentation of Jesus and purification of the BVM

Mosaic above the main entrance of St. Mary Parish, Trenton.

We also have a grotto outside our parish church depicting the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima. Lately, the statues have been looking a little dirty and needed cleaning (they’re under a holly tree popular with the birds, if you catch my drift). A family in the parish volunteers to take care of the flowers plated in the grotto, so they came to power wash the statues. As I watched the proceedings, the statues being power washed and scrubbed, it occurred to me that I was witnessing another kind of “purification” of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Statues of the BVM's appearance at Fatima, Portugal are washed by parishioners of St. Mary Parish, Trenton.

Parishioners “celebrate” the title of our parish in an alternative ritual action, the “purification” of the Blessed Virgin Mary statue.

Please, forgive me for the pun!

Thanks to Matt and John for making our grotto shrine statues clean. May the Blessed Mother reward you for your devotion.


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