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There is much discussion, nowadays, about the Health Care Mandate (some call it Obamacare) and how it is a threat to religious liberty in our country. The U.S. Bishops have created something called Fortnight for Freedom  to encourage Catholics in our nation to pray for a greater respect in the civil realm of government for the voice and opinion of religious groups and that their ministries not be forced to violate their consciences in providing certain procedures and drugs in their health care plans that violate Catholic Teaching.

Some prominent Catholics, apparently, have been criticizing the Bishops for raising this issue. These persons claim the Bishops are wrong and that they should not “impose” their will and the church’s doctrine on “the civil society.”

Fr. Robert Barron at Word on Fire, whose excellent website I suggest in the column on the left of suggested links, has recorded a video response specifically to two of the critics of the church’s stance who are very public figures and themselves members of the church. I suggest watching the 8 minute video. Father Barron makes a clear argument about why the Church needs to speak out at this time and defends our right to declare something “out-of-bounds” for Catholicism, requiring our non-cooperation with certain parts of the Health Care Mandate.

The video “Why It’s Okay to be Against Heresy” responds to a recent op-ed piece by columnist Maureen Dowd entitled Here Comes Nobody and a recent talk by the Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius. In his presentation Father Barron explains why these women are misrepresenting Catholic teaching.


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