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an old print advertisement for band-aid brand bandagesI’ve mentioned before in another blog entry that my Saturday morning routine involves reading the religion pages of the St. Louis Post Dispatch during breakfast. This past Saturday the paper printed a post by the Rev. Travis Scholl, a Missouri Synod Lutheran Pastor who writes for the Civil Religion blogs on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch web site. Rev. Scholl’s blog is called “A Civil Religion Blog from a Lutheran Perspective.” The title of his article & blog entry this past Saturday was “How to Answer the Toughest Questions.” That’s a title that will get your attention!

What I liked about the blog, besides being insightful, was the perspective it was written from, a perspective I’ll never have. Both Rev. Scholl and I tend to write about everyday events that happen in our lives and work our way toward inviting the reader to consider how the event has something “spiritual” to say to us, but Pastor Scholl is a father, as in a DAD. I’m always going to be limited to the religious title “Father.” He’s living the title where the rubber hits the road, one of the most holy and, from my perspective, awesome roles a man can have in life. I stand in admiration of parents. Quite frankly, I don’t know how they do what they do with such selfless love. And in the case of married clergy, how do they blend together their roles as parent to their own children, spouse to their partner and oversee a congregation? I have enough trouble managing just that last one role!

In this case, Rev. Scholl takes as his starting point a question posed by his toddler who discovers a Band-Aid is no longer needed one day, “Daddy, how did my boo-boo heal itself?” and artfully weaves a narrative that in a lovely way brings the reader to an insight about that mystery of God’s love for his children we Christians name “Grace.”

May I suggest, in this one case, you go read another blog. May you find it as rewarding as I did.

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