Happy 50th Anniversary Vatican II

I probably should write some personal reflections on this momentous anniversary of the council that shaped so much of my life as a Catholic. Maybe another time…

In the meantime, happy anniversary Vatican Council II, opened 50 years ago, tomorrow, October 11, 2012 (1962).

Here’s two Popes reflections on the event:

Pope John XXIII and the text of his opening address courtesy of Whispers in the Logia blogger Rocco Palmo
“Gaudet Mater Ecclesia,” 50 Years On
If you understand Italian, there’s a nice little video talking about the opening of the Council. Even if you don’t understand Italian, the pictures are interesting.

Pope Benedict XVI speaks very personally about the anniversary of the opening of Vatican II as quoted by the blog site “The Deacon’s Bench.” He was an observer and theological advisor at the Council.
Benedict on Vatican II: “I remember I was a young professor of theology…”


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