Pope To Tweet

The blogosphere is all a “twitter” with the news that Pope Benedict XVI will begin “tweeting” on Twitter.

Read about it here at the Vatican Newspaper’s web site:
How to speak of God in 140 characters
by Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications

You can also find out more at The “iPope” Becomes @Pope: Coming Soon, A Tweeting Benedict by Rocco Palmo over at Whispers in the Logia.

I guess I better get with the program if the Holy Father, the “boss” of the church has decided this form of social media is relevant and useful for spreading the Good News of Jesus. So far, even though I’ve taken to blogging from time to time, I’ve resisted signing up with Twitter. Frankly, I still don’t get the service. How can you say anything in 140 characters or less of value? The Tweets I’ve seen seem to be mostly links to longer web articles, videos and pictures. The whole lingo of “hash tags” and handles that start with the @sign (I’m guessing that’s how people find and subscribe to your personal twitter feed?) are a totally new language to me. Each week the comedian Jimmy Fallon has a segment on his Late, Late Show where he talks about setting up a hash-tag and inviting people to comment. I honestly don’t know how to even send him a comment via Twitter if I came up with something clever to add to the discussion. Anyone want to tutor me in “twitter-ese” and “Facebook” (which I’ve also resisted with a passion)? Would readers want to find me at @altarnetview? I’ve been thinking about setting something up for the parish. Seems like an efficient way to get some information out on a timely manner. Opinions, anyone?

I’m pretty sure, thought, Benedict XVI will not be writing his own tweets. My guess there will be a Monsignor of Tweets or some other staffer taking care of the uploading of the tidbits of information to the internet.

On a side note, did you know that Mr. Fallon is Catholic? Well, a non-practicing Catholic by the sound of an interview I heard on NPR with Terry Gross’ Fresh Air program. He is not negative about the faith, saying it formed him well. Apparently he’s not too much of a fan of some of the things going on at Mass and would prefer a more “traditional” or solemn liturgy. Sorry, I can’t find a link to the interview, though. Here’s a citation of the interview at Belief Net.

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